Smart Factory

Smart Factory - a workflow management system is a group of CAS applications that support automation of business processes, through their precise definition and control of the flow of information and synchronization of the internal and external participants’ activities.

Smart Factory applications support:

  • Group work in the field of logistics (Shepherd),
  • Customs clearing (Inward Process Relief),
  • Agile project management (Agile Workload Tracker).

Collaboration is a core to improve processes in any organization. It requires information sharing as well as following precisely defined procedures. Both information and behavioral models must be consistent and fulfill business requirements leading to improvements in process performance measured using Key Performance Indicators in critical areas. To be useful for daily process management these indicators must be observable. To engage adoptive information models, control workflows and use Business Intelligence to measure the process performance our applications are deployed on the Microsoft SharePoint as a human-centric foundation using Web Applications to publish and share the content.

CommServer software family

CommServer is a software family dedicated to manage communication between applications, which combine the smart data transfer and systems integration functionality. It is optimally suited for the industrial process control, where the managed process is distributed over a large geographical area, e.g. heat and power distribution, oil and gas distribution, water and sanitation, multi-enterprise production, city road traffic supervision, control of water level and weather conditions, etc.

The CommServer family is compliant with OPC Classic and OPC Unified Architecture.

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