Shepherd - Yard Management System

Shepherd by CAS is a SharePoint based application for the coordination of inbound and outbound deliveries from any number of various purpose warehouses. Using Internet technologies, the process participants may cooperate basing themselves on independent schedules for each warehouse. This allows them to optimize logistic processes through:

  • Exact planning of inbound and outbound deliveries
  • Complete elimination of vehicle queues waiting for loading/unloading
  • Making efficient use of resources on hand
  • Free selection of time slots (scheduling) according to handling needs and capabilities
  • Minimization of organization costs of inbound and outbound deliveries
  • Increase of security thanks to identification details of vehicles and people
  • Improvement of services provided by partners (vendors, forwarders) due to the necessity of strict adherence to procedures

The process is based on schedules made out according to the needs and available resources. The partners make a remote (online) booking of a time slot according to their preferences using a selected warehouse schedule that includes the occupied time slots. For each warehouse, there can be created any number of inbound/outbound processes to be effected parallel.

Additionally, for any delivery, it is possible to freely select forwarders, escorts and locations where the services are to be rendered, enter a detailed description of each delivery, i.e. route, loading type, destination market and other special arrangements, assessment of the vehicle technical condition, etc.

Detailed logging of all events enables us to monitor and make an objective assessment of the process. A timestamp and user is attributed to each operation. Being assigned to a specific role, the application users have selective access to offered functionality.

Built-in and ad hoc reports allow for full control of expenditure, meeting deadlines, quality, i.e. process flow efficiency assessment.

The application is available also as a service (cloud computing): instead of buying a license, investing in expensive hardware, etc. You pay only for what you need, i.e. for functionality. Thus the implementation time can be considerably shortened.

The application offers a multilingual user interface according to preferences.

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